Saturday, February 13, 2016

Kevin Shearer

In June 2009 I was up late watching a show one night because I couldn't sleep. The show was called 'Life to the Max' the host of the show is Mike Max. Mike features people and stories from around Minnesota and the world. In one story his camera crew was following a group of people that worked at Life Touch who were on a missions trip to Haiti. During the segment one person on the missions trip said "when we do our trips to Haiti we can help a lot of people but we can't help them all". At that point, God spoke to me and said "Kevin you need to do something" and that was to adopt again, this time from Haiti. I told my wife the next day and she said to me "don't pull leg, are you serious" then she went on to say "I have been praying about this for a while now". I told her I was serious but I only wanted to adopt one child and her response was "whatever God has in store" then I told her again "only one child". The next day we contacted our adoption agent and she said she was ready to start paperwork. At work the next week God spoke to me again, He said "get two children from Haiti" then I called my wife right away and told her 'two children". Within a day or two we had a list of several boys and girls mixes as well as twins. Our response to our Adoption agent was, "we cannot choose" then she said that Dr Bernard who runs the orphanage has read our profile and picked out the twin girls as the best match for us. So right at that moment we knew our answer and within minutes we had a picture of the most beautiful twins girls you had ever seen, they were around 20 months old. Then two months later Jan. 10th 2010 the Port-au-Prince earthquake rocked Haiti and we didn't even know if our girls were alive. We heard from our adoption agent the next day that they were alive but the orphanage was destroyed. Within a couple days Dr Bernard knew the kids would not survive so he went to the US Embassy to get the kids who were matched out of Haiti for health reasons. Then on Jan. 20th 2010(my wife's birthday) we received a call to come to Miami because your daughters are flying there on the 21st. After many doctor visits and other health concerns our precious girls have now been home over 6 years and are doing very well, we sure are thankful to God for His marvelous gift. 

I want to travel to Haiti to be a blessing to the Haitian people with who I feel I have a special bond as we live it every day in our home. One day in the near future I will return with my whole family so the twins can experience where they came from.

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