Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sandy Rogness

I’m packing for trip #3. Up at 4 a.m. this morning, anticipating our packing party needs tonight and the seeming endless need to do list for things at home, I knew it was time to earnestly pray.  I went in search of my “Jesus Calling” devotion book. I still recall seeing 3 copies lying around the Guesthouse in Haiti on my first trip. There is a reason.  Why go?  There is a God felt peace to this land with so many needs.  I’m drawn back by the gratitude and faith of the people who readily celebrate “God is so good.” For a little while I’ll put on hold being wife, mom, grandmother, guardian to sister,  caretaker to Dad, gardener, friend, and new owner of pup, Sophie.   I pray I can give as much to the people of Haiti with their hugs and smiles as they in turn give to me.  I’m extremely grateful to Calvary & HH for the opportunity.  Can’t wait to hold those children!!

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