Sunday, March 6, 2016

The eagle will again head to the open skies...

Final thoughts...

At the end of each day the team gathered together and each of us shared a personal word of the day.  This time has been a very significant part of our journey as it provided us an opportunity to delve deeply into the often intense experience of serving in Haiti.  I'd like to share our words from the first and last days. I think they shed some light on our many blessings in Haiti.

Day one:  anxious, anticipation, people, excited, tears, encouragement, comfortable, grateful, providence, connecting, joy, apprehensive, hopeful, hope, deja vu, excited.

Last day:  beginnings, milestones, mu sonje (I remember), appreciation, breathe, perspective, intense, genuine, impact, full, home, bittersweet, intensity, inspirational, beautiful. We missed Rick's word as he went to bed early.

Yesterday our team went again into Cite Soleil to help with the water truck at two districts. The children were overjoyed to see the Tap Tap round the street as they shouted "hey you!"  It has been written that the expression "hey you" speaks to "give me....chocolate, food, attention, a smile, anything, but generally for love."  We also visited LaPhare Orphanage and were blessed to enjoy singing, art projects, a visit to their church, nail painting, soccer and jump rope!  It was such a loving environment to be in.

Today we had the gift of enjoying the church service at Grace Church in Titanyen. The Holy Spirit felt vividly present!  For the remainder of the day the team enjoyed time together wrapping up the trip and experiencing the beautiful Haitian countryside.

Our team has been so blessed from the very beginning!!!  Divine appointments bringing us together to see what God had in store for us.  I will take a risk and say we are forever changed and our eyes are seeing out of new and improved lenses! As they say in Creole, "Bondye Bon" God is good!

We shall physically see you very soon!

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